Today a disturbing story has come to my attention, and only due to sheer coincidence I came to learn everything that has happened.

I was standing at the bus stop when all of a sudden a young lady appeared, disturbed and with tears in her eyes. Wanting to help any person in need, I enquired with regards to her well being and asked her if everything was alright. She started telling me the story and I was shocked by the details. Apparently she is a student studying for a degree in law at a respectable university with a leading name, and she was searching for a job to finance her studies as not to overburden her parents which already help her allot financially wise. At this point I must add that she was quite attractive and pleasing to the eye. She kept on telling me the story, stating that yesterday she was contacted by a known employment agency which offered her a job in housekeeping. Very excited she contacted the agency back and they in return have referred her to a certain address where she will be working at. The address was located somewhere in the country side and therefore she also had to pay for bus fair out of her own pocket in order to reach the location. Once she has reached the house she knocked on the door, and a handsome, tall man probably in his thirties has opened the door. “Who are you?” The man asked. And she replied that she was sent over by the employment agency in order to clean his house. His eyes where blue as a crystal clear ocean, his hair was like gold glistening in the morning sun, and with a kind smile he invited her into the house. Crossing the doorstep and entering the house, she was left speechless. The house appeared to be nothing less than a palace. Marble tiles covered the floor from wall to wall, and the ceiling was as high as a cathedral, decorated with fine art as if painted by the finest renaissance artists. Stone pillars adorned the house with golden sculptures of great craftsmanship standing tall. “You can start wherever you like” kindly the man said, and swiftly she started going about her work. After a few hours of hectic cleaning and while she was busy in one of the bedrooms, all of a sudden the man appeared in front of her holding a single rose, and said: “I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you”. Startled and confused she asked him to the matter and he continued: “your beauty is mesmerizing. From the moment I have opened the door my heart as if possessed by a spell keeps guiding me towards you. Tell me, what is your name?” gracefully blushing she replied to him, although still a bit startled. She gazed into his deep blue eyes, unable to stop herself from thinking about his body, every curve and muscle depicted through his stylish shirt. As if possessed by magic she started pulling her fingers through his hair and in a burst of courage she said: “from the moment you have opened the door, I knew that we where meant to be together”. With both hands he lifted her up, his muscles clenched to the soft touch of her body. Her legs, wrapped tightly around his waist like a snake subduing his pray, tall and erect she held his head up high while her lips craved for his. With careless passion she pulled her nails across his body, her thighs gently rubbing against his waist, and with what seemed to be like madness, they both fell onto the bed. His arms like two iron struts supporting her burning passion as her body swiveled and turned to his every breath. Like a master craftsman working the raw material he slid his hands across her body, undressing her like a storm. Her skin shrivels as she is frozen in complete expectation. Every hair on her body rose to his present like a raging flame meeting its fuel, as in one instant moment of passion their two bodies have become one. “Yes!” she cried out, “More!” she commanded, as he submissively complied. With all his might he held her tight, with all the strength left within her she implored him not to stop, and in a fraction of time, their two hearts have synchronized into perfection as their naked bodies lay next to each other in the cooling ambers of passion. Afterwards as she was going back home, she tripped and fell down, hurting her knee. The bus stop.