IMG_1304.jpg This photograph was taken by Mrs. Margaret Salisbury who lives at the New Hampshire County in the southern region of the United Kingdom.

Immediately after she took this photograph, she was approached by a couple of strangers who demanded that she hand over the camera to them, and as she refused, they have sprayed her eyes with pepper spray, grabbed the camera off her hands and fled. After much invested resources, the camera was eventually found and returned to her. Because of those efforts it was possible to release this photograph to the public.

“At first glance when I looked at the photograph I thought to myself this must be dirt or something, however quickly I realized that something about this photograph was not right.” says Mrs. Salisbury with excitement, and so it came to be. Top researchers from all across the globe have analyzed the photograph with highly precise technologies for photo processing, and they came to a conclusion that what Mrs. Salisbury has actually photographed was nothing else than some kind of an advanced aircraft, bearing capabilities which are unfamiliar to modern science, and probably originates from the outer borders of our galaxy. “when I saw the shape and structure of the object, immediately came to my mind the image of a fighter jet”, tells us Prf. Donald Shield from the Oxford university, a world leading scientist specializing in Astrophysics and Euclidian geometry, and elaborates: “what we are actually looking at is some kind of an aeronautic vehicle performing a very sharp turn, and in fact is in a straight forward angle towards the observer. The wing structure and the tail are clearly recognizable in their shape to be dimensionally accurate to the shape required in order to fly through the air, as modern aircrafts do, and what we did is, we have measured the blur rate of the object in comparison to the people sitting in the roller coaster cart, and the results where nothing but amassing. Our estimations show that we are looking at an object at a distance between two and two and a half thousand meters from the camera, with that we also estimate that the size of the object is approximately similar to the size of three 747 jumbo jets.”


The reason why we see the object blurred, Prf. Shield explains, is because of a known physical phenomenon called ‘the magnetic reflex effect’, which is caused due to the object passing at a tremendous speed, what causes the light particles to spin as they pass through the atmosphere, and due to that the result is with the camera lens losing its focus. “The magnetic reflex effect is basically the reason as to why at nights the moon appears bright, but in fact it is just the effect that causes the light particles to spin in the dark” Prf. Shield continues. Jim Baum from Oklahoma state university, a specialist in cosmic phenomena’s, has studied the photograph meticulously, using special light capturing synthesizers which were developed by the Research Institute of Cosmic Disruptions at Harvard University in the United States. In his research he notes that from the so far gathered data it appears that the structure of the object is similar to other objects observed previously in the past. To his claim, the study suggests that the specific object captured in this photograph is in fact one out of a multitude variety of vehicles, which serve their operators for various tasks. Also he mentions that the possible reason as to why these space vehicles appear mostly above amusement parks is the interference of the electromagnetic fields caused by the roller coaster. “The friction of the cart containing all the energy of the passengers, in conjunction with the carts electrical motor, creates in fact an induction between the magnetic fields which cause the formation of a super wave frequency broadcasted into space. We believe that this is the reason causing these space vehicles to appear more frequently in these sorts of places”. Using a super computer, capable of performing over one trillion calculations per second, Baum loads the illustration of the object through a simulator and we are remained speechless.

An official response from the British government states: “The British government is unaware of any incident regarding an invasion into British airspace; however we have declared the formation of a public body who will investigate this matter further”. Chris Kulich, Mrs. Salisbury’s next door neighbor doesn’t believe any of this. “We know that the British government is withholding information from the public. I believe they exist, up there, following us” he says. When asked if to his opinion “they” are here for peaceful purposes he replied that he doesn’t know, but hopes that they come in peace. As we were leaving Mrs. Salisbury said to us “From the bottom of my heart I thank the good people who have returned my camera to me”. And yet, another clear proof that it is very possible that we are visited by outsiders, and they appear to be much more advanced than what we have previously thought.